Welcome to “The Inside Story”

The site is currently being updated with relevant information from our authors. That’s why all the pages aren’t complete (just in case you were wondering!) Thanks for your patience.

What’s “The Inside Story”?


Well, here we will feature interviews with characters from a diverse selection of novels.

You mean you’re not interviewing the writers?

Certainly not! It’s the people IN the books that are important.

How can you say that? Didn’t Robert Louis Stevenson write ‘Treasure Island’ and he was famous wasn’t he?

Of course, he was but I bet you know more about ‘Long John Silver’ and ‘Jim lad’ than you do about the poor consumptive guy who wrote their story.

Yes, you’ve got a point there. But surely I could get to know a character by reading the actual book?

Well, you could – and we hope you will – BUT instead of reading the ‘blurb’ on the back of a book you can actually ‘hear’ what a particular character thinks about things. You’ll learn his/her ‘Inside Story’. In fact, you’ll get an insight into his thoughts. Thoughts and ideas that were never told to the writer.

You’re kidding me! Surely the creator of a book knows EVERYTHING about the people in their books?

That, dear reader, is where you are wrong. Sign up for updates from ‘The Inside Story’ and you will find a stranger whispering in your ear (metaphorically of course) and telling you the inside story that has never been told before.



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