Chantelle Atkins


I never decide or aim to write about anything in particular, instead, I am at the mercy of the characters who enter my head, set up home and start talking. Their stories start to unfold, their voices get louder, and writing begins. I would describe my books as very character driven. The characters are everything. If you cannot make a reader care about the characters, then a fantastic plot is worthless. My work has been described as gritty, compelling, intense and emotional. If I can make you shed a tear or two, then I feel I have done my job. As for genre, I suppose the best category to slot me in would be realist fiction.

‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’

In the decade of grunge and Britpop, 13-year-old Danny is a music fan in the making. He is also on a mission to deter unsuitable men from his beautiful single mother. With his best friends behind him, a soundtrack in his head and first love on the horizon, things are looking good, until local nightclub owner Lee Howard comes on the scene and sweeps Danny’s mother off her feet. What do you do when your mother is dating a real life monster and no one can see it but you? A dark and powerful drama about friendship, music and the choice between escaping and fighting back.


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