Darius Stransky


The guy behind this site who spends unpaid time keeping it up to date. As a special thanks you may like to buy his book by clicking HERE and all for less than a birthday card! Oh and a portion goes to support Huntington’s Disease

Darius Stransky; part Irish and part English gypsy but fully formed individual who loves all things medieval. For many years he wrote weekly columns for top media groups in the UK and hired out his writing skills as a freelance to many magazines and periodicals. Then the life and times of King Edward the First became a passion and one morning a character (now known as Lord Cristian Gilleson in ‘The King’s Jew’) appeared and insisted on telling his tale.

Click for Interview with his main character

01_THE_KING_s_JEW            02_The_King_s_Jew_2

Many of the characters in his novels were real people whose actions took place on the day and times mentioned in the book. Welcome to the medieval world of ‘The King’s Jew’. All these people were just like you and me: the same passions, loves, hopes and fears. What to us may seem brutal was normal to them. So please come to terms with the harsh reality of Thirteenth Century England and marvel at the enduring love that runs throughout this work. Midnight, Westminster Abbey, Friday, October 27, 1307. Lord Cristian Gilleson keeps a lonely vigil at the tomb of King Edward the First. Death stalks the Abbey as King Edward II, Piers Gaveston and their supporters seek to destroy Cristian before the funeral rites begin.






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