Gerald Hansen


Author Gerald Hansen lived for years in his mother’s hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland and attended Dublin City University. As a Navy brat, he grew up in California, Thailand, London, Iceland and Germany. His debut novel ‘An Embarrassment of Riches‘was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel. This was followed by ‘Hand In The Till’ and then Fleeing The Jurisdiction’ and ‘Best Served Frozen’. His latest book ‘Static Cling‘ was released this year, 2016. Gerald now lives in New York City.

Of An Embarrassment of Riches‘  Publishers Weekly wrote – “The Irish family at the heart of this hilarious novel is so tawdry and despicable, it’s a wonder they don’t kill off each other in the first few pages. … The central figure is Ursula, whose husband had won the lottery and has since gambled away much of the winnings. Ursula’s new (and fading) riches have strained many of her personal relationships, particularly with her sister-in-law, Fionnuala, a first-rate villain who concocts get-rich-quick schemes based on the misery of others. …Once the vulgarity and shenanigans set in, the novel is as absorbing as it is hysterical.” (ED – excellent comedic writing)




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Genre: dark/satirical humor, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction.