Jeanette Taylor Ford

Me on the cruise

Jeanette worked for many years as a teaching assistant and asks no more than to give enjoyment to her readers. She is married to Tony, a retired teacher, and has six children and seven grandchildren. Jeanette lives near Nottingham, England.

Her novel The Hiraeth

Is book one in a series. A creepy tale of ghosts and revenge.


Michelle Richardson, known to everyone as Shelly, was a baby left at a station with a note and a teddy bear. She is cared for in a children’s home, not knowing anything about herself, not even her real name. As she grows she dreams of a grand building and feels within herself that it is a place of great importance to her. Whilst on holiday in North Wales Shelly spots a mysterious castle. Despite entry to the grounds being forbidden, Shelly is irresistibly drawn into exploring, aided and abetted by Pete and Lynn. Having found the castle that had called her in her dreams, Shelly now embarks on a voyage of discovery which will take her to the other side of the Atlantic and back.  As Shelly uncovers the secrets of her birth family, Castel Glas finally succeeds in calling those that belongs to it home again but will it all end in disaster?

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