Karen Eisenbrey

Karen Eisenbrey (bw)

From Seattle, Washington – Karen Eisenbrey leads a quiet, orderly life and invents stories to make up for it. Although she intended to be a writer from an early age, until her mid-30s, she had nothing to say. A little bit of free time and a vivid dream about a wizard changed all that. Karen writes romantic fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as short fiction in a variety of genres. All stories are true in their way. Villains exist to be redeemed.

‘The Gospel According to St. Rage’

  • Synopsis: Barbara used to be invisible. Now she sings in a church choir and a punk band. There’s power in friendship and music, but she gets more of it than she bargained for. Is she ready to save the world one annoying weirdo at a time?

Genre: Young Adult Comic Urban Fantasy


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StRage - Sample 002