Kate Rigby


Kate Rigby lives in beautiful Devon and has been writing for over thirty years. She realized her unhip credentials were mounting so decided to write about it.

Fall Of The Flamingo Circus is the story of a strong and independent girl’s childhood and adolescence, her desperate battle to make something of the fearful hand dealt to her. Through her eyes we see the realities of poverty in England – hunger and junk food, boredom and noise at home, snobbery and notoriety at school – and the fear of a brutal father…over the years we watch Lauren’s voice grow in power and imagination, as her life – a rebel, a punk, admired by her gang but rejected and victimised by men – bursts out of its sad confines…but Lauren is always alone with her restless and furious self.

Genre – Retro grit lit / coming-of-age and punk (ED – takes you back folks – so go there!)


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