Lizzy Drake

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Lizzy Drake is the author of the Tudor murder mystery books known as The Elspet Stafford Mysteries (book one is ‘A Corpse in Cipher’. She accidentally started studying Tudor history 17 years ago when a student for Early Medieval Archaeology at the University of York, and has been intrigued ever since. When not writing or researching, Lizzy can be found reading or gardening.

Book summary – The year is 1513 and Elspet Stafford is a young woman with a promising future. She is engaged to a knight; she has the lineage of a royal family and can’t wait to start her new life. She’s never met her betrothed, but he sends her regular letters; ciphers and puzzles for her to decode to keep her distracted from her mother’s overbearing nature. When news of his death reaches her, she finds it hard to believe, especially as the messenger also brings a letter from the fallen man himself for her to decode.

A Corpse in Cipher