O.N. Stefan

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O.N. Stefan (Olga) is an author and avid reader from Australia. Olga enjoys creating scenarios from the world around her and her characters come from everywhere and nowhere. She enjoys reading mysteries, thrillers and fantasy but is known to read sci-fi or anything else that catches her attention.

Hobbies include Tai Chi, Sword and Fan.


“Sleep then My Princess”

The seed for my thriller Sleep then My Princess was planted many years ago when I was nine-years-old. Our family went to visit friends. My parents were sitting at their friends’ dining table after they had enjoyed a home cooked lunch and the discussion was about a woman who lived across the road. This woman was minding a pre-school age child from Monday to Friday. The child slept in the chicken shed at night summer and winter and was only cleaned up before her mother came to pick her up on Friday evening. I was shocked as were my parents. This seed grew into a story which is fiction and fact.


When I was holidaying in Arizona I came across a news report which had a startling similarity to that long remembered discussion between my parents and their friends and I knew I must write this story.

Link to books – https://www.amazon.com/Sleep-then-my-Princess-thriller-ebook/dp/B016G5T7AG?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc