On writing


Writing. It’s not easy is it?

Ten points on obfuscation.

  1. It’s 7.30 AM here in sunny England and I got up 1 ½ hours ago at 6AM
  2. First job is greeting the cat, Pippin. Fed her, let her out to inspect the neighbour’s garden (like she does). Made a cup of tea. Next on the agenda was to check emails (like you do). Updated FB and site pages (like you do).
  3. Next job was to continue a few minor revisions on the forthcoming second book in The King’s Jew trilogy  (click for link)– not got round to this yet for I suddenly thought it would be better to check some notes I’d made in the relevant chapter.
  4. Found my notebook (The Adventures of Darius Stransky) in which I keep all sorts of weird thoughts and scenarios relevant to my writing (well they seemed relevant at the time!).
  5. But then I thought maybe it would be nicer to sit out in the garden (with the cat who has now returned from her morning adventures) and just go over the notes again and THEN I’d carry on with the revisions. – Are you following this?
  6. Made another cup of tea then decided to give the cat a brush. She doesn’t like being manhandled so five minutes later after finding the plasters in the first aid box I thought I’d carry on with the original intention of editing.
  7. Then I thought I’d take a picture of my notebook and an interior shot and maybe write a short piece for The Inside Story pages. Inside notes
  8. So this is where we are dear readers – no revisions made, indeed I haven’t even opened my book file on the computer BUT my intentions were good weren’t they? It’s just that I have spent a long time doing inconsequential things.
  9. Do you ever go through this scenario? It can’t be called ‘writers block’ as I’m busy writing aren’t I? The proof of which you are reading even now.
  10. Hmmm! What shall I do now? Cup of tea anybody?

11 thoughts on “On writing

  1. I will join you in the cuppa if I may, and the intention was good 😉

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  2. You are welcome, Libby and, as it’s you, how about some cake?


  3. I sometimes get up at six to do some writing until nine, but it is fatal to go downstairs where the real world exists. I mostly try to do editing until the juices are flowing and then I am lost until the call of natures comes or the smell of bacon and eggs grab me.


  4. Lol. I’m still at the reviewing e-mails and FB – and I still haven’t had my tea!


  5. No point in me getting up early to write – my brain doesn’t function in early mornings! And many a time, when I finally get to my computer, I will dally too long on facebook talking with friends or following a long thread. Or perhaps I’ve taken some pictures in the garden and I think might just edit them and put them on for others to see…

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  6. That’s funny. The book I’m writing at the moment ‘The Single Bullet Theory’ has a ginormous amount of tea 🍵 drinking in it. Calms the nerves.

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  7. 6.30 here on Sat 14th – I’ve been up for just over 1/2 an hour and still on FB as you see – going to turn Safari off after breakfast in the interests of working – researching just now.

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