Ray Jones


Ray lives in Exeter, Devon and apart from writing he is an accomplished artist. Indeed, I have one of his works hanging on my study wall.

Ray has written an epic work entitled

‘The Chosen.’ By R L Jones

Volume 1 of the Chronicles of the Iceni.

It is an adult historical fantasy fiction. Which I have had the honour to preview!


Link to book (coming soon)

“Prologue – The Tapestries

I am Myriddin, the weaver and guardian of your histories, which are woven with the use of the Deep Magic and which chronicle the life and times of the gods. The Tapestries of Danu are held safe in the separate dimension of space and time that is Avalon so that only those with magic in their souls can read and understand them. They were created to be used by the druids, and by any who are among the enlightened, to learn from their past, and to change the future, and so maintain the balance of this world.

This is the story of the keepers of the talismans of power and of the Chosen Ones, the children of destiny, who will serve either the light or the darkness, and of those who were forced to serve the causes of evil at the time of the great divide…..

Here, we shall learn of the time before the coming of the Romans. Of how and why they tried to destroy the druids and their magic. For you will need to understand why magic was lost to the world of humankind with the destruction of the Druids, and their Deep Magic of Durantia!”