Rosalind Minett



Rosalind Minett lives in the South West of England and loves scenery, sculpture, theatre and fine art, all of which can be found in and around Bath. She trained as a dancer but grew to love acting more. She gained a place at RADA, but academic life took over. Rosalind studied in Birmingham, Sussex and Exeter universities before enjoying a career as a chartered psychologist. In this job, she met and worked with a wealth of characters. However, she much prefers working from imagination and now she is retired, can concentrate on fictional people of all ages.

Not surprisingly, it is the inner life of her characters that determines their fate in her stories, whether humorous, historical or criminal.

Her ironic avatar – Girl Before Word Processor – (with thanks to Picasso) suits her background and personality. Its two faces suggest her two selves, the serious and the irreverent. Rosalind writes in several genres and is likely to continue doing so.


Infiltration is a tale of rivalry, challenges and conflict. It follows a boy’s growth into personal responsibility.

In 1940’s London, the blitz forces the Wilson family into evacuation. Billy has been evacuated before but this time, his manipulative cousin Kenneth comes too. Although they’re housed separately a family tragedy brings a new threat to Billy’s territory from Kenneth. This time, it’s one that will affect both of them, permanently. The image of the secretly seen Cossack sabre boosts Billy’s spirits and imaginary power. He prizes his photograph, sent by its supportive owner, Mr. Durban. But then the photograph goes missing. Billy finds more of the sabre’s story in an old volume at the village manor house. It predicts a fearsome future.

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