Stransky Says… (On W.D.Frank)

I have read ‘Love, Guns and Rosemary’ and found this work to be an eye-opener into a world I knew little about. Let me say at the outset that I have come across violent people in my life and – though I say it myself – got to know some of them very well. Indeed, I still call some of them ‘friend’ – the ones that are still alive that is! Gratuitous violence and love are not easy bedmates are they? But Klaus and Rosemary were fated to be together. Some of the themes swirling almost unnoticed throughout this work are extremely poignant and I commend this book to the house. If, however, you are easily offended then maybe you should just close one eye in parts but if you keep both eyes open I feel sure you’ll find this an illuminating read.



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