The authors

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Darius Stransky – Historical Fiction, in the time of Edward the First with real people.

Angela Elliott  – Historical fiction set in 18th Century London

Robert Wingfield – Sci-fi, Gothic, Comedy, Travel

Norman Morrow – Irish, comedy, with plots to die for.

W.D. Frank – Modern, stylish, funkadelic steampunk.

Angela Rigley – Victorian mystery (the novels not Angela!)

Derek Birks – Hist Fic in the time of the Wars of the Roses

Beryl Kingston – Historical, lyrical,  literary

Margaret Skea – French Wars of Religion, and the Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1597.

Chantelle Atkins – Genre; thriller, suspense, psychological, coming of age

Karen Eisenbrey

Peni Jo Renner  –

Kate Rigby – Retro grit lit / coming-of-age and punk

Karen Odden – Historical mystery/romantic suspense in Victorian London

Antoine Vanner – Victorian seafaring, adventure.

Lizzy Drake – Tudor murder mystery

Tom Williams

Anna Belfrage – Fourteenth Century Historical

Pam Lecky – Historical Romance with a Dash of Rebellion

Ray Jones – Adult historical fantasy fiction.

John Holt – Crime – Mystery – Hard Boiled

Russell Cruse – Darkly comic espionage thriller.

Janet Wertman – Tudors

Jeanette Taylor Ford

Louise Turner

Paula Lofting 

Gerald Hansen

Rosalind Minett 

Barbara Spencer

O.N. Stefan 

David Hough 

Chloe Hammond

Mandy Ward

M. J. Logue


Holly E. Stacey

Kirsten McKenzie


Yvonne Marjot