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W.D. Frank from America







Apart from writing WDF is also an aspiring actor and he’s that good he has his own agent.

His novel entitled – Love, Guns and Rosemary is a Romance, Crime, Action story with an edge. Did I say ‘edge’? Yes, I did indeed. Yet it’s lyrical as well.

For when Klaus Elric, a brilliant yet chemically imbalanced gangster returns to his hometown after seven long years, he isn’t expecting to find happiness. However, the simple task of tormenting indebted gamblers quickly lands him in bed with his soulmate, Rosemary Spencer, a vicious and volatile enforcer haunted by the degrading memories of a helpless child. Consumed by equal parts blood-lust and ambition, the love-struck pair suddenly find themselves on the hazardous path towards power. Yet, sins never die and the remnants of Klaus’ twisted past soon emerge, threatening to reduce what is left of his crumbling sanity to ashes. Klaus’ only hope seems to be the new-found love of his life, yet can Rosemary save him from himself when she is confined to a hell as corrosive as his own?

So let’s have a chat with Klaus the main character in ‘Love, Guns and Rosemary’.

1 – Seems you were a puny kid at school. What made you get fit?

It was a combination of things. Rage, disgust, and fear. I was disgusted with myself for being so weak that someone was able to use me like a whore and I needed the power to vent my rage. Sure, sending a cute little kid out to assassinate some low-level street thug usually worked pretty well. That is something that the bosses do. They use kids because their minds are malleable and few people suspect them. It works very well and I was especially good at it, but it wasn’t satisfying for me. I wanted to be able to feel what it was like to beat someone to death with my bare fists and I wanted bigger jobs, so I got in shape. As for my fears, I was deeply afraid that my boss would pimp me out as a rent boy if I kept looking like a girl… and I was rather sick of being used for sex. Yes, if you put me in a dress back then, I would have passed for a girl without any trouble. Perverts are a big fan of kids. Trust me, I know… and I don’t intend to be anyone’s doll. Not anymore.

2 – What was your favourite subject?

That is hard to say. I am very fond of a number of subjects, but I suppose my favourite ones are psychology, philosophy, and theology. I also excel at military strategy. (Does that one count?) My knowledge of these subjects has proven to be quite helpful in the underworld. After all, I have grand ambitions and understanding the human mind is necessary for achieving them. Psychology helps me understand the structure of everything that truly makes up an individual and this helps me better manipulate them. Theology gives me a window into the universal desires of the faithful and allows me a better grip on those who follow that line of thinking. It is essentially a tool I use to make my knowledge of psychology more useful. You would be surprised by how many gangsters are religious! They disgust me, but hey, nobody makes better pawns than the devout. As for philosophy, it serves a similar purpose; however, it is most useful when I am forced to work with hesitant rookies… namely children. If I have some time with them in advance and can convince them that there is nothing inherently wrong with what they are doing, then I can make excellent soldiers out of them.

For the record, I am not the one who chooses to use these children. If it were up to me, we wouldn’t use them at all. However, my boss sends them into this life and disobeying him serves no purpose. If I disobey him and make myself useless, then he will find someone else who will take them… and that person won’t make their transition into this darkness as easy as I can. Don’t get me wrong. I am not justifying my actions and I don’t feel guilty in the slightest. I believe that life has no inherent value. There is no such thing as right and wrong and there is no difference between bringing pain to an adult or a child. So, I don’t care about what you think I am ‘turning them into.’ I am just trying to let you know that people like me and these children have no hope. I am giving them an outlet to release the Hell that this world saw fit to give them. We will never be anything more than what we are meant to become… and if you really want to judge people like us, then do something to help us. This world does not take care of its children. It creates its own monsters. You people just stare at the tormentors of the helpless and cry, “Abuse!” Well, guess what? You have to do more than that to save the ‘innocent’ from becoming like me. Try giving a damn before it is too late. That is my advice to you.

3 – I see you use a baseball bat frequently (and often not for the purpose it was originally intended) What, if any, sport do you like?

I absolutely despise all modern day sports. Bring back gladiatorial death matches and then we will talk.

4 – Why did you return to your hometown?

My boss wanted me back here and I am his most loyal employee. Okay, that last part sounded absolutely ridiculous when I said it! His end will come… and I will cherish it. However, in the meantime, I will be his favourite little soldier.

5 – Why do you prefer a revolver to an automatic?

I am ashamed to admit that it mostly comes down to sentiment. My adoptive father gave me a revolver for my first mission… and it was the gun I used for the execution that followed. I suppose that is why I feel most comfortable using revolvers. Don’t get me wrong! I use other weapons when needed but I feel complete with the revolver. I feel most at ease when there is one in my hand… and many people in this line of work will let you know that comfort is key. If you aren’t comfortable with your weapon, you’re liable to die.

6 – Before you met Rosemary had you ever been in love?

Yes, it was back when I was fourteen. There was this beautiful weirdo named Ryoji and I loved him with all of my heart. I would have done absolutely anything for him, but he was killed before I could tell him how much I cared. There was another partner in my life after that, but I am not sure if I was in love with her. I cared for her deeply, though. She was the sweetest person I have ever been with. She was nothing like me or Ryoji, yet she understood me and never tried to change me. Perhaps that is why she felt alive to me. I honestly don’t know. All I know is that I am going to do everything in my power to keep Rosemary safe. You might think it is impossible for a person like me to fall in love, but that just goes to show that you know nothing about sociopathy. We don’t feel empathy and we aren’t burdened by a moral compass, but we do possess the capacity for love. That being said, I have found that it is extraordinarily difficult to love someone that isn’t like me in some way. For the most part, everyone else doesn’t even feel real. It’s like I am alone in a crowded room, talking to a bunch of vacant shells that aren’t even really there. Everyone feels so far away. It’s hard to explain and I don’t expect you to understand what that is like. Hell, I don’t even know why I am talking about it.

7 – Mr Shlomo appears in the strip club. Tell us a little about the clientele in this den of iniquity.

What is there to tell? The real clients are mostly just shallow perverts with very little to offer me. I don’t interact with anyone I don’t have business with.

8 – What advice would you give to a vulnerable youngster to steer him/her away from a life like yours?

Honestly? While this life isn’t for everyone, I wouldn’t steer those who crave violence away from my path. I think that some people need this sort of life to escape from their individual hell and I see no reason why they shouldn’t. That being said, there are certain people who get into this life because they think it is ‘cool’ or glamorous in some way. I wouldn’t recommend that. It is not something to take lightly and it is definitely not something to use to gain admiration. It is a lifelong commitment that you will never escape from and to tell you the truth, it can tear you apart. I honestly never would have joined if I hadn’t been dragged into it. I am not a gangster by choice. I was chosen. I would be even worse off mentally if I didn’t have this outlet and I think that is something to take into account when you are thinking about joining. Do you need this? If not, why are you trying to become a gangster? What are you expecting from it? Money is a perfectly legitimate reason. Just be aware of the consequences. However, if it is just for infamy and women, then stay away from us. The mob life isn’t for you.

9 – Tell your readers one good deed you undertook.

Believe it or not, I have done a number of ‘good deeds,’ but my most recent one involves executing a stripper’s paedophile father. After a night together, she confided in me that she was raped as a child and I brought her back to his trailer so she could watch as I cut his tackle off. Apparently that was too gruesome for her… so, I just decapitated him. I think that made her happy, but I don’t really care either way. I did it to make her mine and cement her loyalty. Of course, this was before I met Rosemary, but it still benefited me greatly. This earned me the title of “The Nihilistic Gentleman.” Partly as a joke from Shlomo, but believe it or not, the strippers started calling me that. Apparently they can pronounce more words than I gave them credit for!

10 – If you had a choice what era would you have liked to live in?

Probably the Wild West. I think that would suit me very well, don’t you?

11 – And last but not least – is there life after death?

If there is, then I am fucked, aren’t I?

ED – Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Klaus I wish you well in life and hope you achieve happiness (or at the very least your version of ‘happy’) Give our love to Rosemary she seems like one hell of a girl. In fact, Klaus, maybe you could get W.D.Frank to set down Rosemary’s story in his next novel. Yeah, that could be fun.


LINK TO BOOK http://amzn.to/23qZ7P0



3 thoughts on “W. D. Frank

  1. Such good responses, unfearingly open. He would be, wouldn’t he.

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  2. Reading these frank and well-thought-through responses, I built a very clear picture of Klaus and the kind of life he leads and I would expect this story to be a gritty, down-to-earth account of the goings-on in the underworld where life is cheap and childhood goes unrespected. Very interesting.

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